3 Essential Tips to Help You Lodge a Successful Partner Visa Application

Do you want to apply for an Australian partner visa or need to sponsor your spouse to get one? Have you begun the visa application process already? If the answer to these questions is yes, you might still have many things you require to be clarified. For instance, you might need to know what makes a perfect partner visa application, what documents you require and what it takes to impress your immigration officers. 

This post will discuss essential tips when applying for your Australian partner visa. Read on to learn more. 

Determine Whether You're Eligible 

First, you want to determine whether you are eligible to apply for an Australian partner visa. Generally, proving that you're married or in a de-facto relationship might not be sufficient to qualify you. The immigration department has various regulations you must comply with to guarantee your eligibility. 

For example, you must prove the validity of your marriage, meet the specified relationship time, and the location of your spouse, among other things. Furthermore, you need to determine whether you need a permanent or temporary partner visa and understand what they entail. 

Prepare All Supporting Documents

Another tip when applying for your Australian partner visa is to collate and organise your supporting documents before submitting your application. This step helps you understand whether you meet the set partner visa criteria. For instance, supporting documents can help prove that you're in a genuine relationship with your spouse and the time you've been together. 

Since the immigration officers assess the evidence demonstrating you meet the set partner criteria, it's imperative to present all necessary documents, including shared finances, photos of your social life together, commitments and living arrangements. If you have friends and family, ask them to provide supporting statements to prove you're a committed couple.  

Avoid False or Misleading Information

Honesty is paramount when applying for an Australian partner visa. Therefore, analyse your application form thoroughly and ensure its error-free before lodging. It's also essential to print the application documents and proofread them to ensure they are correct before submission. 

In some cases, the immigration department might turn down your application and ban you from re-applying if your application contains false, inaccurate or misleading information. Thus, watch out for this and always exercise caution when providing information. 

Final Thoughts 

Every relationship is unique, and each Australian partner visa application has specific requirements depending on the stipulated criteria. Because of the numerous intricacies involved in partner visa applications, it'll be prudent to consult a licensed immigration agent who can offer professional assistance. For more information on a partner visa, contact a professional near you.