Important Considerations When Applying for a Spouse or Partner Visa

When you make a permanent move to another country, you may have a spouse or partner that you wish to bring along with you. It's important to note that this person will need to have their own visa and cannot simply enter a country on your visa, work permit or other such paperwork. Just like they need their own passport, they too will need a visa if they are not a citizen of that country.

When applying for a partner or spouse visa, you need to understand some very important factors about how they usually work and what's needed for applying. This will ensure you file the paperwork properly and can know if your partner even qualifies for such a visa. Note that each country will have its own requirements, but the following are a few standard considerations you might encounter.

1. Relationship length

Even if you're married to the person you want to bring to the country with you, the paperwork used to apply for their visa may ask you about the length of your relationship. Most partner and even spouse visas require that you be in a relationship for at least a full year before you can apply for that person to enter the country as your partner. If you just met and then married this person within a few weeks, don't assume that a marriage licence itself means they're automatically qualified to enter the country. On the other hand, if you've been in a long-term relationship but have just now gotten married, this will typically suffice. Be prepared to answer questions about the length of your relationship, if you've been married a short time or are not married yet.

2. Proof of relationship

Other than a marriage licence, you may need to show proof of your relationship and that you've actually been living together for a full year or whatever the requirements may be. Depending on the country to which you're applying for a partner or spouse visa, this may include a lease to an apartment that you have both signed or your names on a utility bill for a home you share. You may also be able to show what is called joint financial obligations, such as insurance bills or a joint bank account statement.

Be sure you have this type of proof prepared before you apply for such visas. This will ensure the process is handled as quickly as possible and there are few if any delays in your approval. Work with a company like Fisa Pty Ltd to get assistance throughout this potentially complicated process.