Is Your Teen Hiding Something? 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Private Investigator to Find Out

If you are wondering what your teen is getting up to when he or she leaves your home, it may be time to hire a private investigator. Often used to unearth cheating spouses or find debtors, private investigators can also check up on teens. Here are five reasons you may want to hire a PI to investigate your teen.

1. You have noticed some symptoms of trouble

If you have noticed that your teen may be in trouble, you should consider investigating the issue before it gets out of control. Some signs your teen may be in trouble include arriving home late, acting differently or more emotional than usual, avoiding your questions and receiving lower grades in school. New friends may also be a sign of trouble.

2. You want access to special tools and investigative techniques

When it comes to investigating teens, a private investigator can do more than just follow them. They can also use special drug detection kits to find drug residue on your kid's computer keyboard or other parts of his or her room.

If you are worried that your teen is speeding or driving recklessly, the private investigator can put a tracking device on the car to monitor speed or a GPS to see where your teen goes.

3. You want your teen to be safe

The biggest reason people send private investigators to follow their teens is because they want their teens to be safe. Unfortunately, drug use or underage drinking can lead to overdoses, poor decisions or even death. Similarly, driving recklessly or even having sexual relations with someone of whom you disapprove, can also have serious consequences for your teen.

4. Your teen has already left home

If your teen has run away and the authorities cannot find your child, a private investigator may be able to help. These professionals have experience finding lost or hiding people of all ages, and they may be able to uncover things the authorities cannot find. If your teen has been kidnapped by a non-custodial parent or by an adult they are dating, a private investigator can also help find kids in those situations.

5. You suspect your teen is breaking the law

Drug use is not the only way some teens may break the law. If you are worried your teen may be involved in a gang or breaking other laws but you don't want to get the police involved, a private investigator can help you figure out what is happening.

That allows you to react to the situation and help your teen without instigating criminal proceedings or charges. It also increases the chances that you can find your teen and stop him or her before the police do.